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Slow Down, Mama is a place where you can be known as a woman and a mom. You will find resources to help you become your best while you learn to make room for what matters most.

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The books

I wrote Slow Down, Mama: Intentional Living in a Hurried World to share my journey growing from overly-busy to intentionally invested in life. In the book I help you look at the roots of what keeps you busy and, most importantly we move toward what can lighten your load and help you live with more joy and freedom. My writing style is conversational, like we’re sitting together, sharing our hearts over a cup of coffee.

A year after writing Slow Down, Mama, I decided to put together the devotional. It’s Thirty-One Days to Help You Slow and Savor with relatable short stories, points to ponder and prayers for each day. This devotional gives you a daily sweet shot of goodness and tools to help you be your best.

What you’ll find at Slow Down Mama

The practical encouragement

Here at Slow Down Mama, you will find blog posts to bless and nurture your heart. I’m not telling you how to handle that tantrum (though we can talk about that too). I’m far more interested in your heart and helping you live free of anger, guilt and fear in your motherhood. Check out the blog posts for practical encouragement when you need it.

I also speak to moms’ groups and churches. You can check out the “Ask Patty to Speak” page for more details on my availability to come talk to your group.

Keeping in touch

The monthly letter

Every month I send you a newsletter via email that is full of a bit of encouragement and resources to bless you as you navigate life as a mom, woman, and wife. If you want to receive this once a month email, sign up here.